Inspiration in every crunch!

Discover the joy in every bite with our beloved Crispy chocolates! Crafted with the finest imported malt and infused with the crunch of rice cereal, Crispy has been delighting millions of children, teenagers, and youngsters alike for years. On this special anniversary, we celebrate the countless moments of happiness that Crispy has brought into your lives. Remember the first time you experienced our unique malty chocolate? It was love at first bite, wasn’t it? That’s the magic of Crispy – it’s more than just a chocolate, it’s a tradition of taste, texture, and timeless pleasure. Here’s to many more years of crunchy delight and sweet inspiration. Happy Anniversary, Crispy lovers!

Experience Crispy Chocolate with Kris!

Join the Crispy community and experience the love at first bite. Remember, anytime is Crispy time!